Value Matrix

This component, will allow you to control the custom parameters of your TOXs. Inside you will have : exporter, Exporter, Logic , Tox , and UI

exporter is where the extension is making things :
op.exporter.MakeMenu() , will create Exporter
op.exporter.MakeChan() , will create new channel in Exporter

In Exporter two page are created, in those : Chop_in have menu with the name of the value of the chop that is going in exporter, and you Have Pars where the you have menu with all the name of you customPars of the Tox you actually load in  the Tox component.
In the UI:

+ add channel to the Matrix
- delete last channel from the Matrix
del , delete the selected channel from the Matrix

!!ON!! will engage the preset and lock the Matrix menu

How to use it:

Image you have a midi controller, some realtime audio chop, and you want also morph between presets....

Midi controller and realtime audio signals will be you inputVals in the exporter
You select the value and where it should go form the strMenu .
When you happy with those , move the other parameter and start to save preset.
When you have all you need , Press the ON button, is black when off and is near the InitPset button (this will delete al presets)

You will see all your customPars beeing in ExportMode, Thaz good!! Now you can move preset, move you midi controller,and have live inputs all at the same time.

  1. CHOP - Your_Input_Vals : Put here midi and audio Trigger. 

  1. Top - out1 : In my case i'm controlling a Circle Top.
  2. Chop - Export from Matrix : are the channel you wanto to export from the Value Matrix. 
  3. Chop Export from Presets

  • Path link: You should drop there the component with the custom par you want to controll

  • MakeMenu()
  • MakeChans()

FIXED EXT with globalName, now you can make copy of it.

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Created at: 3.9.2021

Uploaded: 2.10.2021
FIXED EXT with gloablname, now you can make copy of it. exporter, Exporter and logic need to stay at the same level.