Slot Timer

this component creates time slots that repeat in succession. The order is managed by a Lister.
There are 3 pages:

Time Slot:
It manages the Slots: how many are / how long they must last / who is the current slot

It connects you to lister

ASR Trig:
Each time a slot ends, a trigger occurs. It is defined with Attack, Sustain and Release.
The time of each slot must be greater than the ASR, otherwise the time line does not move (it stays at 0).
Any change in the ASR is automatically reflected in the slotTime automatically (BindChop).

some examples of how I use this component

  1. CHOP - VideoInt : The number of the slot, it change when trigger reach 1
                        Trigger : as soon is time to change it starts : SlotTime-BlendTime. BlendTime is define in the ASR page, see info parameter
                        On : The state of the time line

  • They are to much so i ll explain just a few:
             Page: Time slot
                when you toggle interact, you are bypassing the time line. Now you can use 'Whoplaynow' parameter.Select who play to activate the blend action to go to the              selected slot.

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