This component takes care of all your reset needs, pulsing all 'resetpulse' or similar parameters of operators included in search.
You can enable or disable certain operator types (hope I didn't forget any). No more dragging a Keyboard In CHOP all across your networks!
You can also specify exceptions and whether those exceptions block further resets down the line (only relevant for COMPs).

  • Root: where opfindDAT should start the search
  • Limit Depth: enable limit how far opfind should search
  • Depth: Maximum depth of limit
  • Except: List of opeartor exceptions the search should ignore.
  • Exceptions Limit: only relevant for baseCOMP that are listed as Exception. If enabled all further operators under are also excluded. 
  • Enable/Disable All OPtypes: sets the state of all operator type toggles
  • Reset: Pulses reset parameter for all included operators

  • Individual toggles enabling/disabling certain operator types (only ones relevant for resetting listed)
    • Note for 'COMP' operators and 'Script TOP/CHOP/SOP/DAT': the component assumes a pulse parameter named 'Reset' or 'Resetpulse'. The list of assumed parameters can be edited under the 'Misc' parameter tab, clicking the Pulse 'Edit Custom Reset Pars'

  • Reset Timeline: if enabled resets root timeline to the frame specified in 'Reset Frame'
  • Reset Frame: which frame to reset to if 'Reset Timeline' is enabled
  • Custom Script: toggles executing a custom callback on reset
  • Create Callbacks: create a text DAT next to this component where you can define an 'onReset' script
  • Callbacks: Location of the callback script (points to the default script by default)
  • Static Exceptions: you should list all pattern match strings here you want to exclude.
    • A use-case for this is some common custom components such as the already present 'colour_lovers_picker'. You must prepend your string with a '^'.
    • After adding more rows to this list you should re-save the component either as external tox or into your palette.
  • Edit Custom Reset Pars: List of parameter names assumed to be present in 'Base', 'Container', 'Script TOP/CHOP/SOP/DAT's. You can add more rows.

Downloads: 514

Created at: 2.5.2022

Uploaded: 3.9.2022
  • Added Spring CHOP
  • Added Callback Manager instead of Custom Scripts
  • Changed default params
  • +Changed default param page :)