Pitagora is used to calculate the distance of each box form a given point.


here my first component. they are a bit old and they need a bit of order buy they works just fine. The system work like this :  you have fixed points, from those points you can calculate the distance of the incoming X Y value.  I' m used to put some python that trigger stuff around compare to those values. In this Tox there's a container called AudioMove. In that the formula is used to move audio among 4 speaker. The inverse of the formula is the actual Volume of the sound in this 4phionic ambient. Each component has costume parameter called 'posizione casse' (speaker position) where you can define the position of the speaker in a 2d space. Now the system is works between -1 , 1. keep that in mind if you want to change do stuff around. Commercial used is off because the patch is not optimise for a real work environment. If you feel confy with that go on .... your choice. :-)

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