is a video player 
inspired by the media-bin of vdmx

Point to your main video content folder.
In my case 'VJ-CONTENTS', 
which contain many other folders full of handmade videoclips.
A tree lister will allow you to select one of theese folders,
and a frame preview of each video contained here 
will be displayed.
Clicking on a preview will load that content into 
a moviefileinTOP, which is connected to a fitTOP 
that go into the out1TOP.

< ? >
Theese three buttons, control the folders or the videos
means: previous, random, next.
You can click them, or drag into them any chop channel,
and every time its value go upper than 1 it will trig 
the button  and light it up for a bit.
Right-clicking on it you can disable the input source 
and go back to manual, which you can still use 
at the same time if you want.

Opacity Slider:
you can click or drag a chop channel into
input values are clamped to 0-1
right click to disconnect

the three buttons top left are:
- Fit Parameters (Fit-Fill-Stretch etc)
- MovieFile Parameters (Play-Speed-Cue-Trim etc)
- info (help)

hap codec is preferred for fast reading and playing
hapAlpha is supported and alpha channel is visible 
in the preview
It could also be a good hap preview device!

A fitTOP in all my objects, search for the GlobalResolution 
object parameters, it have a shortcut name:
op.GlobalRes.par.Resx - op.GlobalRes.par.Resy
I use it on top of every project,
to scale everything to the desired output resolution.
Remember to maintain only one for each project!

Deltaprocess tested and certified
have good vj-ing!

Downloads: 603

Created at: 7.3.2022

Uploaded: 4.4.2022
Added a time variable blend transition when changing movie,
and a cool trick to fast play with cue position, cool and useful for live sets.