It eats to much.

Emulate a somewhat VHS/CCTV-Look. COnsists of many subcomponents that, alltogether, requite quite some frametime.
The effects are:
  • Interlace: Mixes two frames in hard-lines together.
  • Vignete: A simple vignete-shader, darking the image to the outside.
  • Chromatic Aberation: Displaxing the single colors closer to the edge. More an in-camera-thing but works good enough.
  • Grain: Ever evolving noise. 
  • Desturate: Doies what it sais. Only one op inside.
  • Bleeding Edge: Thats a weird one but increased the style quite alot by overlaying a small smoothed edge-composition.

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Created at: 6.4.2021

Uploaded: 6.4.2021
Initital Release.