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Get dynamic python modules.

Having to handle external python libraries is a thing of the past. This component installs PIP directly in your project and dynamicly downloads and import the libraries in your project.

To install and use a package, instead of running
import my_module
run TD_Pip like this:
my_module = op('td_pip').ImportModule( "my_module", 
    pipPackageName = "my_module_on_pip, 
    additionalSettings = [list of additional arguments] )


import socketio
socketio = op("td_pip").ImportModule( "socketio", pipPackageName = "python-socketio[client]" )

To just install a package run
op('td_pip').InstallPackage( package_name )
To check if a package is installed run

To force an upgrade on a Package run
op("td_pip").UpgradePackage( "TestModule" )

Downloads: 2802

Created at: 5.12.2020

Uploaded: 1.1.2024
Fixed possible error with typings being weirdly interpreted