TauCeti Preset Manager

Master your pars!

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Works great with the following TauCeti-Components: Dashboard  Cuelist

The preset-manager helps you take control of your show my storing state and recalling them using the tweener-component.

The core-part of the manager is the so called Stack.
The stack holds refferences to all parameters. All storing will be done in refference to the stack.
To add a Parameter to the stack, either simply drop the parameter, or a complete component into the stack.

In the stack, you can now adjust some simple settings:
  • Preload: With this functionality you can mark certain parameters to be set in now time when the preload-functionality is called. (This is currently not used by any companion.
  • Type: This defines how the component behaves to interpolate the value. 

To store a preset, enter an name into the text-field and hit the Record button. To delete, use the Remove button.

To recall a preset, use the dropdown-menu to select one of the existing presets. Then, use the Recall button to interpolate to the stored values.

Sometimes, you want to store different values. To clear the stack, either press the delete-button in the stack itself or use the Clear Stack button. In case you need to retrive a certain stack, use the dropdown to select a preset and use the Stack from Preset button.

All presets are stored in a component and can easily be stored as external tox-files. Every preset is represented by its own table.

It is also possible to implement your own custom logic using one of the many methods of the engine ( op('preset_Manager').op('engine') )
  • Recall_Preset ( id:str,
    time: float,
    tag = optional additional id,
    curve = pass curve as a string (see Tweener for complete list),
    load_stack:boolean = load the preset to the stack. default False )
  • Rename ( target_preset_id:str,
    tag = optional additional id)
  • Remove_Preset ( id:str, id = optional additional id )
  • Store_Preset ( name:str,
    tag = optional additional id,
    id:str = optional ID by hand! )

Downloads: 1500

Created at: 5.12.2020

Uploaded: 4.7.2023
Massive rework.
Incompatible with version3! Use export and import functionality!

Now uses a 2 level naming system. Presets now do have a name and an id. 
Use the ID to recall preset. Use the name only for display!
You can change the ID mode to name, but this is not the intendet way!

Also, preset are now saved externaly. Yaih.