Static Replicator

No more hassle.

Pesky replicants. Not staying where they are and all in all verry bad behaving.
This component creates copies with real names, keeping components, esp geos, from switching places in bad situations or complelty initializing anew. 

  • BlueprintOP: What should the new ones be a replic of?
  • TemplateDAT: What are we using as a template to replicate?
  • Target COMP: Where shall we put them?
  • Replicator Tag: To better find replicants. Needs to be unique when more then one static replicator is used at the same time.
  • Name Index: Where should we get the name for our target from. Needs to be something unique!
  • Autoreplicate: Should we hunt down and create new replicants when the template DAT is changing?

  • NewOp( operator ): Gets called when a new replicant is added to the roster. 

Downloads: 226

Created at: 3.6.2021

Uploaded: 4.9.2023
Added _index member to template. Small bugfixes.