this is a ready to use, droppable and draggable, sequencer!

You can:
Click and drag vertically to set any step value,
Click and drag horizontally to set them all in a single click

The slider on the right side, is following the sliders values in time,
it is draggable!  click and drag to any other Chop.
Output value is scaled to 0-1.

The rotary knob is the filter smooth for the output value.

Buttons (first line):
- Number of steps
- Random steps values
- All steps to 0
- INT/FLO: int = steps constrained to the defined height grid, 
                   flo = free floating values
- Height divisin grid
- Stop
- Play
- Next step (working only in stop mode)

you can drop here any Chop value, pulse, or whatever,
it will blink and work when value is greater or equal to 1
Right click to 'Disconnect input'.

Buttons (second line):
- 1/8 (frequency)
it's setting the frequency of the lfo ramp.
you can change theese values into the ChopexecDat, 
that is inside the button's Container,
in case you prefer to drive the ramp by a beatChop or anything else
but I think I'll use next step button to make it sound reactive.

Deltaprocess tested and certified
have good vj-ing!

Luca Lorenzo Ferro

Downloads: 385

Created at: 4.4.2022

Uploaded: 5.4.2022
this version work!