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Repo Maker

Keep data outside.

A repository is a component that holds data outside of the functional component. This allows the component to be updated without having to worry about the state of the data. This could be stored information in a table or a collection of scenes etc.

This helps to setup userbuildable data-respositories to keep data and functionality seperated.

  • Prefab : The Operator that should be created.
  • Owner: Should be always the parent, but is moveable.
  • Name: The name of the repository. Is used for the parameters and the name of the created component.
  • Pagename: If empty, creates a "Repositorie" page.
  • Init: Only call once during development.

  • Owner: The Onwer-component.
  • Repo: The Repository component.

Downloads: 210

Created at: 3.8.2022

Uploaded: 4.8.2022
Added Autocreate.
Use the Repo member to autocreate the repo if it is not set correctly.