Render Setup

A handy controller for setting up a render. I found using the moviefileoutTop and Movie explorer tedious to work with, so I made this. It interacts directly to a movie file out top, but with some handy features like a preset manager.


  • Due to how touch designer works with components, in order to keep your presets saved, you must save over the component for them to remain in storage

  • export path: Path to export the video, the path will auto update with the name from the filename.
    • This value will automatically populate with the current working directory, (cwd)
    • if you need to update the cwd, just hit the `updateDir` button and the export path will change to the cwd 
  • Filename: just the filename. the extension chosen will automatically be appended with the filename to the export path (only mp4 currently)
  • Auto Increment/Unique suffix. unique suffix will add a number to the end of the file name, with auto increment, the suffix will change automatically 
  • Codec: codec used for the mvoTop. currently uses supports jpg and mp4 as that's what I use, but it can be updated later for other encodings.
  • FPS/quality/resolution function as expected by binding to the same parameters on the mvoTop
  • outputTop: Top to be recorded. Drag a top onto this field
  • audio: Audio to be recorded. Drag a chop onto this field
  • frame range: this will control the start/end frames + frameRange. this will also update the projects timeline frame/frameRange as well
  • render: switch this on to start rendering, this will also turn off the realtime flag while rendering and reset the timeline to frame 1.
    • after the current frame exceeds the frame range end, the render flag will turn off and the realtime flag will be turned back on.
  • open file path: this will open the current export path folder. only works on windows for now
Preset Menu

  • Self explanatory names. On this page you can save named presets that will save the following parameters :
  • These can be recalled in the saved presets drop down and clicking "load preset"
  • These can also be deleted via the "delete preset" button

Downloads: 241

Created at: 7.6.2023

Uploaded: 3.6.2023
Added auto increment flag for unique suffix