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Random CHOP

With this component you can create a single or multiple-sample random numbers in a CHOP between a min and a max range. It is basically a wrapper of Pythons random module.
The "unique" feature of it is the Unique toggle which makes sure that on the same sample you will not get the same number twice in consecutive randomizations.
This of course is more interesting in when the Int / Float toggle is set to off, meaning only integers are generated.
There is also a toggle if you want a per-channel unique random numbers, meaning in the same channel there will be no same numbers.

There's also a short video on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/random-number-to-73731784

Downloads: 272

Created at: 4.5.2023

Uploaded: 7.5.2023
- per-channel functionality extended