QR-Code Reader

See what is hidden in the pixel.

This component helps you read QR-Codes.

  • TOP: The image that will be read. Keep the resolution low, for example by defining an area of interrest in your camera-feed and using a fitTOP before  feeding it in.

  • Search every Frame: Searches for a QR-Code every frame.
  • Oneshot: Deactivates Search every Frame when a QR Code is found.
  • Retriggerdelay: Time to wait before searching again after qr code is found.
  • Search Once: Triggers the readprocess once.

  • DAT: A table of the 10 last seen qr-codes.

  • Read_QRCode( top_op ): Feed any TOP in and get the read value in return. This does not append to the output or trigger a callback.

  • QRCodeFound( value ): Gets fired when a new QR-Code gets found.

Downloads: 124

Created at: 7.2.2021

Uploaded: 4.6.2022
Use pyzbar now instead of openCV for masively increased speed an reliabilety. Depends on TD-Pip.