PY-Movie Player

Programmatic Videoplayback.

This component offers a super simple API via Extensionmethods for programmatic videoplayback.


  1.  Videooutput.
  2.  Resampled audiooutput.
  3.  Playback Info

  • Loop: The movie will loop indefnitly. 
  • Unload on Finnish: The movie will be unloaded after the file finishes playback.
  • Autostart: Starts the movie file automaticaly when it finishes loading.
  • Audio Sample Rate: Resamples the Audio to this specific rate. Super helpful when mixing with other audiosources to kill krackling noises.
  • Hardware Decode: Enables Hardwaredecode for H264/5 on NVIDIA cards. Check for more Info.
  • Interpolate Frames: Fade between frames when FPS of movie is lower then projectrate.

  • Load( filepath ) : Starts the loading of the movie. If Autostart is enabled playback starts.
  • Unload() : Unloads the movie and frees ressources.
  • Start() : Starts/Resumes the playback.
  • Stop( unload = True ) : Stops the playback. If unload is True, the movie get unloaded after stopping.
  • Pause() : Pauses the playback. Resume via Start() method.
  • Execute_Trigger() : Recalls the corrosponding Callback.

  • OnTrigger() : Gets executed when the remaining time reaches a threshhold.
  • OnPlayStart() : When the player actually starts playing,
  • OnLoadFinish() : Gets executed when the movie is ready for playback.
  • OnMovieFinish() : Gets executed when the movie hits the end. This will not execute when Loopparameter is set to On.
  • OnLoadError(): Gets executed when the file could not be loaded.

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Created at: 5.1.2021

Uploaded: 3.5.2022
Removed Audio.
Optimisation for Trigger. No more cooking without realy needed.
Use op("video_Player").Player to pass in to audioMovie.