Talk to the device.

Connects to a PJ-Link enabled device via TCP/IP and enables you to control it. Current state is not supported.

  • Network Address : The IP of the PJLink Device.
  • Clear: Clear the output.
  • Password: Some devices require a password to connect to.
  • Active: Activate the connection.
  • Port: Default 4352. Do not change if not specified.
  • Connected: Connectionstate.
  • Interactionpage is more or less self explainatory.

  • SendPJMessage( message, parameter, preamble = "" ) : Sends a pjlink message. Check specification for additional functionality. 
    For example PowerOn -> sendPJMessage( "POWR", "1" )
  • TurnOn/TurnOff/Freeze/UnFreeze
  • Mute/UnMute("audio"/"video"/"av")

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