m0d1 | single-sample audiovisual modulator

A handy little tool for controlling visuals with sound.

 Deprecated. Use ctrlr instead.

m0d1 ("moddy") is my best friend. This little fella accompanies me on all my audiovisual adventures. He can't do tricks or play fetch, but what he CAN do is eat ugly numbers and poop pretty numbers. And he's only 3 operators big! Isn't he cute.

This is such a simple COMP that you might already have some version of it in your toolbox. It's mainly for taming the values audioAnalyzer spits out into something useful for controlling visuals. 

Reference a single sample from a CHOP and manipulate the value using m0d1's Math, Limit and Lag pages. Dive inside and switch the order around for a different feel. Yeah, it's just the 3 CHOPs in series. But, for you, I suffered the tragically tedious task of assigning custom parameters. 

You're welcome.

Once you have some nice numbers, you can reference:
in any parameter that takes a float or integer.

You may end up piling a bunch of these around one operator so I find it useful to make them as small as possible and dock them to the operators they're affecting.

There are some ways to expand on this idea:
  • Filter, slope, lookup, spring, and logic CHOPs.
  • Function and expression CHOPs.
  • Parallel processing.
  • Multi-channel I/O.

- Moose

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Created at: 6.4.2021

Uploaded: 3.8.2021
- Option to collapse stereo analysis data to mono.
- Accumulation channel.