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a chop that generates the values of the lorenz attractor

This CHOP generates the values of the Lorenz Strange Attractor one sample per cook.
It makes a nice smoothly changing value between 0-1 that's feelsrandom than an LFO but less random than noise. Try plugging it in wherever youmight use an LFO

Inputs ◀ 


Outputs ▶ 

3 channels which will be approximately between 0-1 (might dip over 1 with certain parameters)

Parameters ☑ 

  • Deltatime = How much the values change on each cook
    • Note: This CHOP basically just numerically solve a differential equation. so Deltatime is the dt of that process
  • O = the  σ (sigma) used by the equations
  • P = the  ρ (rho) used by the equations
  • B = the  β (beta)  used by the equations
  • Reset = resets the calculation

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Created at: 5.1.2021

Uploaded: 5.1.2021
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