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Be the cool kid and know whats going on!

This component will help you to keep track of what exactly is going on in your python scripts and can also be used to supervise your installation.

  • Log_Name: Under which name the logfile will be created in the logs-folder.
  • Textport: Do you want to have the log printed out into the textport?
  • Fileoutput: Do you want to write into the fileoutput?
  • Maximum Lines: How many lines would you like to kepp in touch at any moment?
  • Clear: Clear the output-table. The files is ignored by this.

  • Log( messages ) : messages can be an arbitrary ammount of messages like Log( "Hello", "World" )

Downloads: 670

Created at: 1.3.2021

Uploaded: 2.12.2022
Added location of logger-component itself.