With this component you can easily link parameters of operators. Let's say you have a bunch of the same operators but want to have their behavior linked? You could reference each to eachother, or bind, or just use this component. Is this useful?

  • OPs: OPs to link, this can be a string pattern, for example noise* will link all the Noise TOPs, but also can be a list of operators names/paths
  • Except: Exceptions which operators not to link if they are part of the OPs list
  • Par Except: Which parameters to ignore
  • Auto: When adding a new OP that could be part of the linked operators (so fulfills a criteria of the OPs list) link it automatically
  • Sync: Manually Sync if Auto is off
  • Constant Only: Will only link Constant mode parameters 

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Created at: 4.5.2023

Uploaded: 4.5.2023
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