HTTP Filedistributor

Share you files in the network!

This little component creates a simple HTTP Server to deliver files in a streamable (meaning chunked way for a small footprint delivery) way. This works really great in tandem with the Downloader Component to distribute large files in a local network. 

To start the server you can either way use the Start and Stop pulse parameters on the and set the Port and Directory parameter or call 
Start_File_Server( port:int, directory:str )
To stop the server press the Stop parameter or call

Calling the server without an URI will give you a JSON representation of the directory following this structure:
{ 	"name"			:	name_of_the_directory,
	"directories"	        :	{	name_of_directory	:	dictionary_of_directory,
	"files"			:	{	name_of_file		:	path_to_file,
							..., }

You can search for your directory and list all the files looping over the files entry of the directory. You can then pass the path of the specific file the the downloader or feed it directly into the moviefilein top.

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Created at: 6.12.2020

Uploaded: 6.3.2022
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