global_resolution TOP controller

Easy TOP Resolution & Aspect Ratio Mapping in Touch Designer

This is another simple component I use in every project.

Use the component without an input to set control resolution across your network, or plug an image or video in and instantly update all your references down stream. The ability to quickly grab the X aspect ratio of a video file can be very helpful in accurately mapping video to 3d surfaces, as well as freely swapping between 16:9, 3:4, etc. and automatically update your geometry on the fly.

Suggestions? Enjoy!

This custom comp is demoed in this video from a longer audio reactive tutorial series on my YouTube channel:

  1. TOP In - Input 1 : This automatically sets all of your exports/references to the resolution/aspect of the connected TOP.

  1. TOP Out - passthru : Simply passes incoming TOP through the component, as there is no image processing associated with this container. 

  • Output Resolution : Same dropdown menu associated with common page of all TOPs. Default is "Use Input"
  • Resolution : Choose a "custom resolution" type from the previous menu to specify new resolution. This is a useful active control with no input, and bypassed by default with a TOP plugged in.
  • Fit : Basic auto-fit type
  • Translate : xy in pixels (change to aspect on 'fit1' TOP inside network
  • Scale : as percentage

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Created at: 5.9.2021

Uploaded: 5.9.2021