Custom Timeline

Fill the space with stuff you need.

This component replaces the default timeline of touchdesigner with a new Panel-Compponent.
Things to keep in mind:
  • No Python on the top-level as changing the OP-Language is not possible via script.
  • 90px is the maximum height.
  • The utilitie component contains a script adjusting the width of the timelineComp. Otherwise it will not scale accordingly.

  • Load on Start : If the Timeline should be loaded automatically.
  • Set: Override the timeline with the prefab one. 
  • Prefab: The path to the new Timeline prefab.
  • Edit Prefab: Opens a new Editor to adjust the prefab. Changes to the network will be transported directly. Changes to parameters only with a new SET-Call.

Downloads: 325

Created at: 6.7.2021

Uploaded: 6.7.2021
Added little example