ComplexOp is part of the UV math toolkit to generate and manipulate UV maps based on complex mathematical functions, but can be used standalone.

  • ComplexOp generates the UV maps.
  • ComplexMix performs operations between UV maps.

See external content for more info and usage examples. Full ReadMe available here.

  1. TOP - in1 : TOP to map with generated UV coordinates OR use input as input UV map as the argument field to the complex functions (useful for chaining functions, see readme). 

  1. TOP - mapped : If no TOP connected to 'in1' then the default UV (0-1) map is mapped, otherwise 'in1' is mapped over the UV coordinates.
  2.  TOP - UV : UV map that is used for mapping internally, useful for chaining or operations with ComplexMix 
  3. TOP - borders: outputs a texture with UV borders controllable with the 'Border' slider (new)

  • There's a number of them, please see the video

Downloads: 1300

Created at: 5.4.2022

Uploaded: 6.12.2023
Fixed for TD2023 but saved in 2022