Pick a Color, get a mask!

This component makes chroma keying easy.
For one, you can simple define the color by hand, using the Color parameter.
You can also activate the viewer and click on the color to set the Color parameter.

  1. TOP The input that will be keyed.
  1. TOP The keyed image.
  2. TOP The mask that is used to key the image.

  • Color: The color that will be keyed.
  • Range: How far from the selected color the keyer will deviate.
  • Softness: Feathers out the keying a little bit. Adjusts for lower and higher values.

  • Contrast/Birhgntess/Gamma: Adjust the image before the mask is calculated to enable a little more fine control for maskgeneration.

  • Apply Stepping: Creates a steppingeffect on the image before masking. Mainly just looks funny.
  • Step Size: Adjusts the difference between steps.

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Created at: 6.12.2020

Uploaded: 6.12.2020
Initital Upload to the OLIB.