CHOP Smothstep

Smoth like

This components implements the smoothstep-function on choplevel found in GLSL.
It takes the inputValue and creates a transition between the range-values defined the parameters. This means, that for a range of 2 to 4, values smaller then 2 will be 0, between 2 and 4 remapped to 0-1, and greater then 4 will be 1.

  1. CHOP - Lookup Curve: A pattern chop to look the value up. Default is an S-Curve.
  2. CHOP - Value : The value that is smoothstepped.

  1. CHOP - Output: The looked up Value.

  • Smooth Area : The range that is stepped.

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Created at: 2.6.2022

Uploaded: 2.6.2022