Banana Split

Tasty, with a sprinkle of jelly!

This component utilizes instancing and UV-Remapping to split any input-image into smaller elements. This elements can then be easily transformed without lossing the original texture and scaling.

  1. The Texture that will be splitted. All elements inside are responsive to the resolution of that input.
  2. Rotation-Map for the instances. At least 16-Bit, where RGB is mapped to the XYZ-Rotation of the instances. 
  3. Scale-Map for the instances. Best used with a value between 0 - 1. 8 Bit is enough.

  1. Sliced 8-Bit output.

  • Rows/Cols: The ammount of rows and cols the element will be sliced in.
  • Split Scale: Scales the instances before the maps get applied.
  • Rotation/Scale Phase: The phases for the internal maps as an example. Gets ignored when external maps get applied.
  • Rotation/Scale Tyoe: The ramptype of the internal map.

Downloads: 559

Created at: 7.5.2021

Uploaded: 7.5.2021
Initital Release.