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Organize your Network.

After placing the backdropper in your project, create a new textDAT with the following code
 Then use Ctrl + R or the context menu to run the script.
This will create 4 components.

Write global notes pinned to the camera using html-markup.

This base can be used to create new backdrops. Use the color panel ( shortcut C )to give your new backdrop a color. Resize the base to the size of your backdrop and press the Add Backdrop Parameter.

This TOP is the background that will be displayed in the background of your network. Disable the blue viewer toggle to deactivate the backdropper in this component.

This table contains all the data. To edit or remove a backdrop you can edit the rows themself.

Downloads: 130

Created at: 5.12.2020

Uploaded: 4.6.2021
Fixed bug for backdrop creation.