Audio Leveler

Smooth Fadeout

This component takes care of smoothly changing the level of an audio-stream by resampling the controlsignal. Otherwise you would get weird artifacts from square-signals injected into the audiostream.

  1.  Audio In : The Audiostream that gets controlled.

  1. Audio Out : The adjusted audio.

  • Level : Controls the level of the audio in an absolute way where 0 shuts the signal off and 1 means 100%.
  • Gain: This controls the level in relative mode via DB, where 6dB equal ~2 times the volume and 10dB ~2 times the perceived loudness. 
  • Mode: Switch between the two controlmodes.

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Created at: 3.1.2021

Uploaded: 6.8.2021
Implemented outputgate to reduce cooktimes.