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Simple Cue System for the AnimationCOMP

Simple Cue System  for the AnimationCOMP.  (like Vezer for mac but in TD)
Set the time of the composition (in seconds)  and set for each cue start time (in seconds), name and note.
open the animationCOMP (animation button) and call the cue for set your values.
Select your cue Call it and play it,  it stops at the end for the next cue.
if you want use several animBox for differents scenes you can use the optimize toggle in the custom parameters (no cooking at all).

  1. out1 : values from animationComp

Parameters in UI:
  • 8 Cues Button : Select the desired cue
  • Call Cue Button: Call  selected cue
  • Table Button : open the settings table
  • animation Button : open the integrate animationCOMP
  • reset Button : set at  cue1
  • Play/Stop Button : Play the selected cue or play/stop as you want

Downloads: 380

Created at: 2.7.2021

Uploaded: 2.7.2021
version 1.52
initial release for OLIB