AMB Pythonutils

Small stuff you might need.

    Network Utils
  • Check_Port( port_number:int ): Returns true if the given networkport is free.
  • Get_Free_Network_Port(): Returns a free networkport.
  • Get_Hostname(): Returns the hostname of the computer.
  • Get_Computer_Id(): Returns a unique ID of the computer. Based on the MAC-Address of the computer.
    Dictionary Utils
  • Reverse_Dict( dictionary ): Reverses the dictionary.
  • Purge_Dictionary_of_Singlelist( dictionary ): Purges the values of a dictionary of lists with a single entry. 
  • Table_To_Dict( table_op ): Creates a 2D dictionary using first row and column of the table.
    Layout Utils
  • Layout_Ops_Row( list_of_nodes ): Orders all nodes in the list in a row.
  • Layout_Ops_Col( list_of_nodes ): Orders all nodes in the list in a column.
  • Layout_Ops_Grid( list_of_nodes, cols = 4 ): Orders all nodes in a grid.  
    Operator Utils
  • Get_Parameter_Page( operator, pagename, builtin = True, custom = True) : Returns the page-object, or None if nothing is found. This is a cached method.

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