2D Particle Emitter

So shiny

This component takes a 2D-Image with alpha and emmits particles on the visible parts of the image. If the image has no alpha, use a threshholdTOP to generate a proper emitionmap.

  1. TOP - Emitionmap : The image with alpha that will be used to emmit the particles. 
  2. TOP - Colormap : If this is not defined, the system will use the color of the image for the particle at spawntime.
  3. TOP - Displacementmap : The way the particles are displaced. Has a simple default Noise inside. Could be Optical Flow,
  4. CHOP - Scale_Loopup : A pattern from 0 - 1 defining the scaling of the particles over the lifetime..

  1. TOP - Out1 : The final Output..

  • Lifeexpectency : The Frequency at which particles will be reset.
  • Color Overdrive: Increase the intensity of the colors of the particles for the bloom-effect,
  • PArticlecount: How many particles do you like?
  • Life-Width: How many particles are alive at the same time.
  • Scale: Scale of the particles.

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Created at: 5.10.2021

Uploaded: 5.10.2021